Work Styles Of Wonderland

Description :

In this workshop participants identify their workstyle, learn about colleagues, create strong bonds with them and try to solve problems as a group. Learn about your own work style and making it work for you.

Workshop Rewards for Participants:

  • Establishing and Building Common Ground for understanding and accomplishing a group project.
  • Learning About Team Members in a fun way.
  • Learning Qualities of Different Styles of Working.
  • Acknowledging and Owning Preferred Work Style.
  • Acknowledging and Owning Underlying Work Style.
  • Determining Ability to Enhance Underlying Workstyle.
  • Understanding When to Hire.

Actions :

  • Create a partnership between team members.
  • Leverage the strengths of the team.
  • Identify potential pitfalls of the team.
  • Identify potential conflicts within the team.
  • Determine if further training is necessary, available and realistic for team members.
  • If missing, make recommendations for who would be necessary to complete the task.
  • Compare existing experiences to workshop situation and make recommendations.

Workshop Objectives:

  • learn about your own workstyle.
  • learn about colleagues (outside of their job function and/or experience).
  • create stronger bonds with colleagues.
  • access the potential capability or success of a team.
  • Problem solving as a group.
  • Create a team for success.
  • Learn when training is preferable to hiring.
  • Learn when to hire.
  • Relate process to real examples that some of the workshop attendees are currently experiencing.