Encourage Leadership skills in your organisation

Are you looking to hone leadership skills of your employees?
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Our tailor made workshops are unique and fun. Taking the book as the reference, we have crafted three very engaging workshops for young leaders so that they feel involved, empowered and ready to take on bigger challenges of the real world. What are you waiting for? Create leaders, build and enhance a stronger sense of community and collaboration in your teams with our workshops.
Reach out to us at Leadership.in.Wonderland@gmail.com to see how we can positively impact your organisation.

Harnessing Your Cast

Participants will be introduced to many concepts that will help the team develop better communication and cohesiveness to turn counter-productive behaviors, attitudes and activities into those that are productive.

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Solving Wonderland

Playing the game, opens participants to possibilities, unlocks whatever has been holding them back and stimulates their creativity for those real life challenges. This is a workshop, yet it is also a competition and a game.

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Work Styles of Wonderland

In this workshop participants identify their workstyle, learn about colleagues, create strong bonds with them and try to solve problems as a group. Learn about your own work style and making it work for you.

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Susan and Rebecca have infused their experience and wisdom into this well structured, easy-to-follow book and this can be witnessed even while examining just few first pages.

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