Posted on Oct 20 , 2015

What’s Happened to "Alice"?

“How’s the book about Alice in Wonderland”? “What’s new with your book?”

Ask the many readers who fall into our targeted audience, the Millennials, the Creatives, and the Clergy, and _they _will tell you, “We’re reading it and filling out the workbook as fast as we can!”

Rebecca and I thought it would be brilliant (and worthwhile) to gather immediate feedback from our potential market of individual readers.  We want to see if the thoughts we had about learning your own style of leadership through “Alice”’s transformation, were the same as our test group’s thoughts.

“Was it a fun read?  Were you lured to go through and finish the workbook?  Which characters could you put names and faces to that you encountered in your own life?  Did your reactions towards the “villains” change? And biggest thing on our minds, “What did you learn about yourself that will you think you can use to your benefit from now on?”

So….everyone, the investigation has started, the mystery will be solved.  Meanwhile, keep those cards, letters and curiosity coming. Lewis Carroll would want you to become , “curiouser and curiouser”?