Posted on Apr 2 , 2017

The Wonderland Spectacle

What is “a” or “The” “Wonderland Spectacle”? The book launch party, a spectacle, in New York City celebrating the paperback edition of “Leadership in Wonderland” now in print (through Amazon Rebecca had an event of her own in Creve Coeur, Missouri, a few weeks later.

Susan held a celebration party at “Gossip” at Eighth Avenue and 49th Street, by Worldwide Plaza and in the heart of the theater district. It started with a “tea”ser, of course, to friends and colleagues with a riddle hinting that if you wanted to attend, you had to respond back with the correct response. Once the correct response was received, the invitation was sent. In the tradition of “Jabberwocky”, a poem by Lewis Carroll (“Alice in Wonderland”’s author), the invite was written in rhyme.

With practically 100% attendance of those who responded, a gift in itself (if you know what we mean), the party started off with surprises and ended with surprises. This was no typical business book launch.
We don’t “do typical”. Surprises? Yes, there were some special guests and prop appearances. What?
Look at the photos! Can you guess the surprises?(