Posted on Jul 7 , 2015

Do You Work With a Bunch of Characters?

Some people want to work with folks just like themselves. I say how boring! Boring! For most of you, that would mean that you are working in a ‘humans only’ environment. What a terrible waste not to include the rest of us. Most everyone can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the table if we are giving an opportunity. But it is safe to surround yourself with others who are a like you – like you. I call that hiring in one’s own image. While Alice Liddell may have her share of issues, the one thing I can say about her is that she isn’t afraid to include a cast of diverse characters in her business.

I’ve listed a few things that I think make Alice so successful in this area – this area…

  • Most people just talk about diversity and inclusion. Alice has walked the talk. In fact, she has filled Leaves-of-Wonderland with an array of characters – some are human, but most are not – most are not. I, for example, am a bird. Never does she allow a single joke about bird brains.

  • She knows many of us have baggage and she helps us work through it. Why it wasn’t so long ago that I repeated everything that I said because I didn’t feel as though anyone were listening to me. I still repeat on occasion, but not nearly so often – so often, and that’s because Alice truly listens to me and cared about my ideas and opinions.

  • Alice knows that she isn’t perfect either. It helps to have a boss who knows that she has her own issues. She looks for others who can help her strengthen her weak areas to create the strongest team no matter if it takes a repeating bird, a pushy Duchess or a messy Puppy.

  • She helps to identify and hone others’ strengths. Why it seems like yesterday that she got to know us, and then she soon came to ask us to help her. She didn’t hold us back even though we each had areas in which we needed to improve. Her trust in us helped us to believe in ourselves, and that means a lot.

  • Most people like to hire others who are a lot like themselves. I call that ‘hiring in one’s own image.’ Alice certainly didn’t do that! Why she even has Penguin for her assistant and Beaver for her mentor and Caterpillar for her consultant. Talk about diversity!

So you can see, if you want diversity and inclusion, it isn’t that difficult. If you want to surround yourself with an interesting cast of characters, you can do it just like Alice has.