Filled with smart examples of how to handle business dilemmas, office politics, and employer/employee issues.

I don't have the experience or education, – How am I to lead? What if I fail?

The book that Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Team Leaders have been talking about.

Leadership In Wonderland is an amusing story about a business in trouble, and how Alice, its CEO, is able to turn it around, through developing her own leadership skills. It is a light read yet covers a number of leadership topics. Its connected workbook encourages new leaders to reflect on their experiences and encourages them to actively think about how they go about problem solving.

This book can have a big impact on you, how you work with your team, and how you view your entire organization. Here’s a quick look inside:

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Susan Goldberg

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Rebecca Lacy

  • Pinnacle Management Group
  • Internationally Syndicated Columnist
  • Native American Businesses.

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