Who would you stand behind?

“I don't have the experience or education
– Who am I to lead? What if I fail?”

Sometimes being a leader can feel like you are falling down the rabbit hole.

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What is “Leadership In Wonderland” about?

An entertaining self discovery guide for anybody who wants to be more confident in their leadership abilities at work, as a student or as a volunteer. It is filled with personalities and situations common in the real world.

Alice receives a wake-up call that her business is faltering and needs her attention. She had stepped away from the running of her company, Leaves-of-Wonderland, and must consider returning to it or face its downfall. Trouble lurks everywhere and she must distinguish between what is real and what is gossip.

Join Alice and her band of quirky characters in this leadership adventure as she discovers what it really takes to be a LEADER.

Susan Goldberg Talks To "Talking Alternative Broadcasting"

Our Authors

Susan Goldberg

Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting

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About Susan

Susan Goldberg’s expertise is finding and keeping the best senior-level professionals for her media, entertainment, technology and digital media clients. She’s been hiring and coaching young senior professionals from Gen X through Gen Y and even those who hire them since the 1990s. As an expert in the field of Millennial hiring, Susan recognizes how difficult it is to keep this talent at an organization for the long term.

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Rebecca Lacy

Pinnacle Management Group

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Lacy has spent her career assisting individuals and organizations achieve new levels of success. She co-founded her company with the aim to help create environments where people enjoy working after having studied thousands of companies and what made the difference between those that thrived and others that merely survived.

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